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  • Do the photos reflect the exact apartment I am going to live in?
    Yes and no. Reason being, the photos were taken at the time when there were different tenants, hence the furniture may be different at the time of moving in. For example, a couple might have requested for a double bed instead of two single beds, or the sofas, tables might have been changed since the time the photo was taken. Also, most photos reflect an accurate picture of the layout of the apartment (because we have similar units in the same apartment building/a different unit with the same layout as the other unit has been rented out), just that the furniture might be different. As mentioned again below, most of the beds in our apartments can be changed to suit your needs. The current beds reflected in the photos were what the tenants were using at the time of our apartment visit. Hence, that's why the answer to this question, is yes and no.
    XchangeHousing is a new way for exchange students to find apartments and roommates in their destination country. XchangeHousing’s leasing process has been carefully designed by experienced and previous exchange students to provide you peace of mind. Going through XchangeHousing will make your experience as an exchange student safe and positive. We were exchange students just like YOU, and we hoped there was a secure and hassle-free way of leasing an apartment before arriving, and XchangeHousing was born!
  • Do you provide an airport pickup service?
    Yes, XchangeHousing is the only one that provides an airport pickup service. All you have to do is to send us your confirmed flight details and we will be at Changi airport holding a sign with your name to welcome you. We will then take you straight to your apartment for your check-in and settling in. Easy and hassle-free.  
  • How do I list my apartment on XchangeHousing?
    Please contact us at info@xchangehousing.com
  • What is the application process?
    Follow our application process to find more detailed information about how to choose the apartment you like on our apartment listing portal with the people you want to live with.  
  • Are the apartments safe?
    We do verify every apartment prior to listing it on XchangeHousing’s apartments listing portal. However, students who require extra information can ask for them directly from the property owner while filling up the Letter of Intent form. Students should also verify that these extra requirements are in the leasing agreement produced by the property owner or agent.
  • If I have issues with the property owner?
    Do understand that we merely provide an apartment listing portal to help exchange student find roommates and choose apartments hassle free. However, we also verify all property owners before they are approved to list on our apartment listing portal. Do your best to discuss any issues amicably with the property owner. In the event, when no agreement can be found, all issues between students and owners should be resolved based on the leasing agreement signed between both parties.
  • Is it possible to stop the leasing process?
    As long as the leasing agreement has not been signed, it’s always possible to stop the leasing process. Your deposit will be returned to you directly from the property owner as soon as you decide to stop the process. However, only a portion of the XchangeHousing fee will be refunded to you. The amount refunded will be on a case-by-case basis. Do think about your other roommates and the effect of you leaving before taking a decision as your decision would affect five other people who have agreed to live together with you!  
  • Is it legal to rent for under 6 months in Singapore?
    The URA’s published guidelines that leases should be for 6 months or more is a GUIDELINE not a RULE. The guideline is not law as it is not codified in a statutory instrument. Although it is not law the URA is empowered to step-in in cases where the short-term arrangement causes disturbance to neighbours. When the URA steps in their first step is to issue a written desist notice to the homeowner. Therefore, every student should make sure to not disturb the neighborhood. This is for private properties like condominiums and landed houses, and does not apply to HDB flats. All apartments listed on our apartment listing portal are private properties except for the exception at Pearl's Hill Terrace.
  • How do I find my roommates?
    Once you finished your application and uploaded the necessary documents, we will match you with roommates that will suit your profile. Once matched with roommates, you will be able to join our Facebook group and chat with other Singapore exchange students. That’s where you will find your roommates by posting on the group.
  • What if I don’t like my roommates?
    XchangeHousing’s students gather from everywhere in the world therefore cultural differences and personalities can be, sometimes, a source of disagreement. Using XchangeHousing’s services does however give you the opportunity to meet other students online through social platforms. You can then get to know each other before taking a decision. However, if push comes to shove and no agreement can be found, XchangeHousing will have to take a decision based on the agreement signed by the roommates. Do understand that respect is the most important part of a healthy housing environment.  
  • What if I don’t like the bed setup on the pictures of one apartment?
    Most of the beds in our apartments can be changed to suit your needs. The current beds reflected in the photos are what the tenants were using at the time of our apartment visit. However, if you have any special requests concerning the types of beds used, please ensure that you let the landlord know when you apply for the apartment via the “Extra Requirement” box of the “Letter of Intent” form. We have a range of beds from single beds to queen beds. Queen beds are only an option for those who have opted for a private room or staying as a couple. Twin sharing rooms will have two single beds or if you want to have a queen bed to share with a friend, that's possible as well. Many options to make sure you feel like home.
  • What do you mean by maximum tenants?
    It means the number of roommates that can live comfortably in the apartment. You can live up to the maximum number stated in the description of the apartment. The more the merrier they say! The more the cheaper as well since the price doesn't change even if you want to live alone. Plus, we at XchangeHousing, make sure to bring the appropriate types of bed, whether they be single, double, queen or good old bunk beds for space efficiency. Let us know if you have any request when you choose your dream apartment on our apartment listing portal.
  • How do I find my apartment?
    Browse around our apartments listing portal and choose the one that appeals to you the most. We have a short description of each apartment, pictures, videos and testimonials to help you make a decision.

If you have any other questions with regard to the exchange students Singapore scene or anything about XchangeHousing, feel free to contact us! In the meantime, join our Facebook group for regular updates and to connect with other exchange students.

Applications deadline for Spring 2018 is on January 15th!