Exchange Student Housing Singapore Application Process

 First, fill in the required information

First, fill up the application for your exchange student housing Singapore. It is purely for us to get to know you better so that we can match you with roommates that suits you best. The reason for needing your passport information and university acceptance letter is to ensure that all applicants are legitimate exchange students who have been offered a study abroad semester in Singapore. Once completed, an XchangeHousing counselor will contact you within 3 to 5 business days. He will be able to discuss with you about the exchange student housing Singapore scene as well as share some of his experience as an exchange student. In the mean time you can Join our Facebook group to meet other international students and to keep updated on any XchangeHousing news. Check out our blog as well for more information about living in Singapore during your exchange semester.


 Second, find the perfect match!

After speaking with your XchangeHousing counselor, we will begin the roommate matching process. Within 2 weeks you will start seeing results of the matching process through a Facebook Group. As the process goes on, your new roommates will join the group as well. You can also bring in your own friends as roommates if you would like! Once all the roommates are found, you will have access to our online apartments listing portal to choose your apartment from.


 Third, close the deal

The only thing left would be to complete the booking by making the payment for XchangeHousing’s services. Each of you (roommates) will receive an invoice as well as a letter of intent to sign directly from the landlord. The letter of intent is used to formally send a request to the property owner on renting an apartment. It states the apartment, the duration, as well as all of the specifications of the rented property. All you have to do is sign the letter of intent, pay the fees and give us your flight arrival details so that we can prep for your airport pickup. Voila, and that’s all there is to the exchange student housing Singapore leasing process! The XchangeHousing fee is S$500/student which includes the roommate matching service, access to our apartments listing portal, airport pickup, welcome tote bag with information and goodies, special merchant discounts, EZ-Link card (Singapore’s public transportation card) and concierge service.


Application deadline for Spring 2018 is on January 15.