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XchangeHousing offers Singapore exchange students a hassle free way to live the international experience through our roommates matching service and online apartments listing portal.


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Applications deadline for Spring 2018 is on January 15th!

How it works.


Choosing your apartment on our portal

Complete the application to create your profile. We then work hard to match you with roommates that would be the perfect match. You can also bring in your own roommates! Remember, no commitment until you find the perfect exchange student apartment on our apartment listing portal.

Filling the documents

Once we have matched you with your roommates and your new home (your new family), your landlord will send you the paperwork directly for the booking of your apartment so that it is ready right at your arrival in Singapore.



Closing the deal

Once you arrive in Singapore, our team will welcome you at the airport to pick you up and help you check in your new home. Sign the leasing agreement with the landlord and enjoy your exchange semester abroad!



  • "Using XchangeHousing has just been tremendous and without any problems. They make the process so easy. We were four guys searching for a place to stay and after only one Facebook message, we had several condos to pick between. XchangeHousing also got your back if you have any problems and have lots of offers and services throughout your stay in the Lion City. They are always ready to help and even provided me with travel tips for my future travels through Southeast Asia. I really recommend XchangeHousing. If you are a foreign student looking for accommodation, you should definitely make use of them."  

    Frederik Nilausen Dam  - Odense, Denmark  -  James Cook University Exchange Student 2017

  • "When looking for housing in Singapore I had no idea where to start and which party to trust. Luckily, I found XchangeHousing that helped me to overcome these problems. Booking through XchangeHousing made my arrival in Singapore much easier. Even though my flight was delayed, the pickup car was ready and we went directly from Changi Airport to the apartment. Since the apartment we booked was unavailable, XchangeHousing provided us another one, which was, in the end, even better than the one we were looking for. I slept with four people at EightRiversuites, a new condo with all the facilities you need, and when you are lucky, a great city-view from the balcony. To smooth your settling, XchangeHousing will compose a goodie bag with the latest information, events and a working metro card so you can explore the city immediately. All together, I can really recommend XchangeHousing as a partner in helping towards the perfect housing and start in Singapore!"

    Pepijn Priesen  - Amsterdam, Netherlands -  SMU Exchange Student 2017

  • "Settling into Singapore was so much easier thanks to XchangeHousing! Prior to contacting the team, I found it stressful finding an apartment and housemates as I had never been to Singapore, so I was unsure about the process of renting an apartment and where was the best place to live. However, my problems were easily resolved as XchangeHousing sorted it all out for me before I got to Singapore. Thanks to the team I was able to stay in an amazing apartment, have cool housemates and be constantly updated with the latest events throughout my exchange! I would highly recommend to any exchange student not knowing where to start in Singapore to get in contact with the XchangeHousing team!"

    Jasmin - London, United Kingdom -  SMU Exchange Student 2016

  • "My stay with XchangeHousing was perfect. The whole process is super easy, so you will have more time to travel and enjoy your stay! At first, the offer just seemed to be too good to be true, especially when you consider the local regulation on short-term rentals. Looking back, I must say that my doubt was completely ungrounded. Majella picked me up at the airport and brought me straight to the condo, which was only recently built. With all the amenities, it felt more like vacation in a nice hotel. It’s definitely the best way for exchange students to find accommodation!"

    Lukas Dannenberg - Cologne, Germany - SMU Exchange Student 2016

  • Luca XchangeHousing Student 2016
    "I would really recommend XchangeHousing. My experience was great, they provide great service and they satisfied every request. Furthermore, they helped me when I arrived in Singapore, offering a pick-up in the airport; as well as a welcome tote bag with essential information, maps and several discounts. Our relationship was something like a friendship."

    Luca Castagnino - Milan, Italy - SMU Exchange Student 2016

  • "I would highly recommend XchangeHousing because they make the whole renting process so much easier. It is complicated and difficult when it comes to renting houses in a foreign country where you are unfamiliar with the relevant regulations and locations etc. All you have to do is apply online and provide the relevant information to them, and they will get everything solved for you. The best thing is that you will be able to secure your place even before arriving in Singapore, so you can check in straight away when you arrive. It is also important to have someone in a foreign country who knows the country much better than you do, so you won't panic. XchangeHousing has the most friendly, responsive and helpful staffs."

    Ryana Hung - Sydney, Australia - NTU Exchange Student 2016

  • 11987096_10207530609014016_1806380403196938525_n
    "I was unable to get campus housing and chanced upon XchangeHousing through Luisa, another exchange student who found out about XchangeHousing from NUS. Truthfully, I was afraid that it might be a scam and there would be no one picking me up at the airport when I arrive in Singapore and I would be homeless even though I paid the application fees. But, thank god they were there, I was so relieved when I saw Majella holding a sign with my name on it at the airport, haha."

    Pasi Töyräs - Helsinki, Finland - NUS Exchange Student 2015

  • 1982262_10206388842712968_9126534613196969942_n
    "Thankfully through the NUS website, I found out about XchangeHousing for exchange students. Loved the warm welcome from the XchangeHousing team and the airport pickup - really appreciated that, as I didn't have to worry about how to get to the apartment from the airport with my luggage. (Sorry for slightly damaging your car when I was loading up my luggage, Majella!) Definitely a top recommendation for future exchange students."

    Alfons Montserrat - Alcanar, Spain - NUS Exchange Student 2015

  • 10582939_10204517165068157_8434536958650067274_o
    "XchangeHousing was reliable and efficient in helping me find awesome roommates and the perfect apartment. I wasn't sure at first whether to book with XchangeHousing but after speaking to other exchange students and Majella & Hamza and seeing them being featured on NUS' website, I decided to take a leap of faith. Would definitely book with them again if I had the chance to do another exchange in Singapore! Missing the best roommates and Singapore so much!"

    Luisa Abott - Palma De Mallorca, Spain - NUS Exchange Student 2015

  • 12980872_10208599134240825_1164003506_o
    "XchangeHousing helped to make the process of finding an apartment in Singapore a lot easier. Despite some minor complications during my stay, I would definitely recommend the service if you want to find a great apartment with amazing roommates, easily!"

    Eva Straka - Vienna, Austria - NTU Exchange Student 2015

  • housing-testimonial3.jpg
    "The whole XchangeHousing process was just so simple. Everything was online, just had to follow instructions and I had my roommates and my apartment booked a month before landing in Singapore. I seriously advise anyone coming as an exchange student to use their service."  

    Thomas Lalonde - Montréal, Canada - SMU Exchange Student 2011-2012

  • housing-testimonial3.jpg
    "Just the fact that I went straight from the airport to my apartment is an amazing thing in itself. I met all my roommates before hand and we had no issues to book our apartment online. All in all, had a great time during my semester and in part thanks to XchangeHousing."  

    Joanna Wolf - Vienna, Austria - SMU Exchange Student 2012

  • housing-testimonial2.jpg
    "I really liked the fact that the people at XchangeHousing were always there to answer questions through the whole leasing process. On top of that, the apartments are incredible and have access to all the facilities imaginable, even karaoke rooms! It definitely helped me get comfortable during my exchange."  

    Olivier Grenier-Lafond - Québec, Canada - SMU Exchange Student 2014

  • housing-testimonial1.jpg
    "Before coming to Singapore, I had no idea on where I was going to live. XchangeHousing helped me out through the whole process and it was super easy. Apartment was super clean and comfortable to live in."  

    Consuelo Camacho - Manila, Philippines - SMU Exchange Student 2012

What’s Included


Every apartment on our apartments listing portal has been visited by us and approved priorly with reliable landlords. So have peace of mind while looking for your new home.


Secure online payment

We provide, through payment platforms like Paypal and TransferWise, a secure and hassle free way to pay your dues. No need to carry cash around.

Fully furnished

Every apartment is fully furnished. We make sure every property has everything you need for you to have a comfortable home from the moment you move in.


Exchange Student Community

You get to meet with other exchange students through the forum. So pick and choose your new roommates easily.

Application process assistance

We will ensure everything is settled prior to your arrival in Singapore. Includes a free airport pickup and a welcome tote bag with information & merchant discounts! 


Your Local Concierge

Everyone at XchangeHousing is a great source of information. Visit our blog or just ask us if you have any questions during your exchange.

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